Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Have my damn cake & eat it too

I was having what started out to be a lovely day... i made  a chocolate cake, did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, masturbated, went to see James... who drove me insane with kisses snuggles and touches. I never realised i like having my butt grabbed and touch so much; it sent waves of sensuality or plane ole feelings of I'm horny straight to my crotch. Came into work ... and Ive been here for a couple of hours and i am literally smashed to the point where i need a red bull. I don't understand why either ... i took some b-12's, b -complex & chlorella ... so i should be wide awake right ! ... oh well
I took a huge chunk of chocolate cake for James... lets just say he appreciated it. He took a bite, had a big smile and then kissed me deeply with a mouth full of cake. I cant even look at the cake anymore i get so horny thinking about that kiss. Take my breath away ... my nipples are hardening all because of cake!

James is the type of guy who makes me believe in romance, getting married, and having babies.

Passion fruit

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