Saturday, April 21, 2012

so confused

so sexy l has a crazy ex gf, then has a one night stand who makes it look like they have a relationship going on... then theres me the girl who looks like a love sick puppy... he lights up when he sees me, then acts completeley different other times.. im tired of trying to analyze the situation, i know hes attracted to me but he isnt acting on it ... and i am not going to push the issue.
 cockzilla and i are cool.. we see each other smile and wave as i go by

Words unspoken

I have the pleasure at my job to be the adopted child of many of the older ladies because i carry myself a certain way. I am not loud nor do i brag, i keep to myself & i stay out of office politics. Yesterday one of the ladies asked me how my love life was going.. shes like a much cooler mother type to me she tells me aboout her adventures and i listen, as she explains why she does what she does and how she does these things. so i tell her about my complicated flirtation non friendship thing i have going on with sexy L.. when i describe him to people i think its obvious that i like him and would like to have romantic interest in him but its one sided. ... my best friend told me i need to disappear for a while so he gets interested in me. I just dont get why we have to play these games if there is a mutual attraction there... 2 days ago we sat and talked for 6hours straight.. no date, just a glass of wine and idle, random conversation about everything and nothing. I couldnt be more confused... he says he old fashioned which is cool but im also old fashioned but more straight forward.. im over thinking this.  im gonna let it go.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weird night

Omg out partying and wtf Cockzilla sexy l and mr med school all in the motherfucking club. Forming some sort of weird strange sex / love square wtf can it get any stranger

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