Sunday, March 11, 2012


I miss the days when all i did was work 16 hour days so much so that  i forgot i was lonely... I can only hope that i get to work as much again so i can forget that i go everywhere by myself and do everything alone... my friends told me i need a new hobby... if travelling was my new hobby i'd do that alone too... it would be nice to do things with someone i actually like ... like go to the beach and have a really awesome conversation / not or just read a book while vegging just to have someone to turn to and say something completely random to like " i love coming to the beach to watch the waves crash against the shore its so peaceful"

sexy L again...

 i cannot understand this guy.. I went out with my girls last night and i see my crush and give him a huge hug & tell him he smells soooo good ... and he says "i taste good too, oops no i didnt say that" i say oh really? make eye contact for like 5 seconds smile and walk inside the club with my gf.. 10 mins later he positions himself in the club to watch me and has his friend check me out too... all night i catch him looking at me ... so i leave with my friends go to tell him i might be coming back & he tells me to behave myself.. an hour later I get back to the club ... and he seemed excited to see me back by myself anyway club closes and i ask him to walk me to my car and he refuses :-( and suggests one of the bouncers ...I tell him i dont bite and ask him if hes afraid of me and he says yes so i ask why and he says cause of the things i post on facebook.. so i remind him that most of the things he sees i set my privacy settings so its only visible to him ...  wtf ???

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just fed up

I got off work at midnight my house id three minutes away ... its after twelve thirty .. and im still waiting for my bro in law to pick me up ... wtf?  This id what pisses me off with them ... they are never on time to get me but will take forever . And then justify it by saying he don't feel right picking up his sister in law before his wife .... im so fucking pissed 37 minutes late

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