Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not paying attention...

Today while sitting at my desk I realised something, we don't always pay attention to our surroundings. I don't consider myself a social butterfly by any means because I do enjoy hiding at home being me in my comfort zone; but I realized I have come in contact with sexy L a few times and barely noticed him and I mean not even eyeball from head to toe, I do not understand why, maybe its because I still thought I would remain faithful somehow to my failing relationship by not looking at people who live on the island... or maybe it just wasnt time to have my eyes open. Recently I asked the universe to send me a great love and a man who understands me and will accept me the way i am and love me for the better me i become; I'm still waiting. I dont know why I have always been in proximity to this man and never bumped into him, the one time I did have a chance to say hi without being creepy I didnt even notice him... because I had bbg on my mind and at the time it was more important to get that first fuck after my break up out of my system, talk about having a one tracked mind and not noticing anything. Any way all this is to say sometimes we just need to slow down, stop rushing through life, and take the time to enjoy the view; you never know who or what you might be missing.

Passion Fruit
Feeling particularly lonely, sexy L is now my Facebook friend but I don't think he is attracted to me. apparently we both have the same sense of humor, and the fondness for house, jungle, drum and bass music. I dunno maybe I need to be seen as someone who is in high demand for some interest to be shown, or look less slutty when I show up in the club.
I'm back on e-harmony.

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