Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mr. Range Rover...

New name for a character in my little life story; the guy I made out with after I kissed sexy L at midnight on New years... we will call him *Mr. range rover* (cause that's what he drives) he has been texting me since new years day, maybe it's the salesman in him trying to keep thoughts of him fresh in my mind who knows or he could just be trying to get a leg over. I guess I'm a player cause the only people on my mind  are: sexy L & BBG...because i don't hear from them as often so that makes me want them more...

About Mr. Range rover,... he is single, he is in sales for a luxury brand, he travels for work , hes renovating his house here and sitting on it, he's not looking for a relationship outside of his bed... if he showed any interest in taking me out on a date or something I might be more into him... but I dunno he's not that good of a kisser, and he claimed he was hard when I was dancing on him in the club up until he kissed me goodnight on my doorstep. The question is: where was his penis?... I'm more just curious about his tongue skills. What sucks is this town is so damn small... on top of that the 3 guys I'm  talking to are all British. Yes small island, smaller city, tinier dating pool... and almost everyone knows everyone so I must stress discretion as I'm a good girl having fun with just & only ...Though that's not the case at all ... I'm really just looking for that one person who I could talk to, have a laugh with, screw all night, listen to music with, and still be attracted to them and want to be seen with them all the time. How hard is that to find ? apparently it's impossible.

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