Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 ... new year .. new possibilities

So ! .. Bestie Lesbo... got way too wasted at the gay club opening to celebrate the new year with me.. so i had to go all by myself... 11pm my brother in law drops me off to the square .. i do a walk by of sexy l's club .. its empty .. but the waitresses tell me to come back before midnight so i can find a seat...
i walked into the square .. and its packed ... i found one of my black bros hanging with "bbg" ... chitchatted with some random Chinese lady about scuba and then "bbg" tells me how he really enjoyed screwing he has just been laying low cause he doesn't want all the drama and BS ... I'm like dude .. all i want is sex from you nothing else ... i am not looking for you to be my boyfriend ... he kind of looked shocked then smiled .. then i told him ... i like your cock more than you... and walked away..

went back to "sexy l's" club ... asked if he was inside ... he was ... so i went on the bar had a martini ... and waved to him ..and he said " you should have told me it was you from face book ... i said yeah i was nervous... so before the countdown i asked him if he had anyone to kiss for the new year... he said no and blushed, so i asked if i could kiss him for the new year.. he said yes ... so i leaned over the bar looked him in the eyes wished him a happy new year.. and gave him my most innocent closed mouth new years kiss ever... looked at him again and smiled.. i have a funny feeling there is some underlying kinkiness to him... HE IS SOOOOO GORGEOUS !

while at the bar .. there's a couple behind me .. the husband is openly flirting with me and hes rubbing his hands all over my legs... like what ??? last night was like the universe opened up a can of special sauce for my life and poured it on me...
later that night i see a guy i was acquainted with through his ex girlfriend but i kept saying hello to him cause hes a familiar face...end up dancing with him, and he offers to take me home instead of me catching a taxi ... he was so nice and sweet and i was sooo horny ... we gave this one guy a ride home.. then he held my hand in the car and kissed me ... all i could think of is what he could do with his tongue ... I'm trying my best not to be slutty .. but i wanna know what he is all about ... so he takes me home and we pull into my driveway .. "bbg" texts me happy new year @ 3am ... lol ...i ignore cause I've got a new toy to play with ... we kiss some more .. hes trying to feel all over my legs ... freshly shaved.. and my boobs.. and he kept calling me gorgeous ... i really wanted to sleep with him .. but i couldn't... i m trying my best to be good ..or at least seem like its worth the wait ... or keep occupied until "sexy l" decides he shouldn't be so shy ...

Passion fruit 

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