Monday, January 23, 2012

ive had it up to here ... wtf ?

so today i jump on skype trying to get with mr range rover for some mediocre sex ... he has hooked up with someone else ............ wtf ? I'm almost at the point where im like whats the point ? really ? cause i dont get it.. bbg is acting weird.. range rover guy has found someone else to screw ... im sick of my vibrator.. and guess what sexy l has a little gf who is head over heels infatuated with him...


1 comment:

  1. You can't give up. That's how the sugar bowl is. Keep hope alive! lol My blog is acting up also....I cant see my followers or anyone elses.
    Try to smile and think positive...your perfect daddie will show up and u'll forget how horrible it was n the sugary hunt :)
    I hope that it helps that we all go through these rocky sugary spells :(
    Im still looking to. You have to have something else or on the side to focus on. Maybe a b.f. in the R.L. or just someone your crushing on.

    It will get better