Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last night was amazing...

OK.. so last night i felt kinda off, was feeling sad, and lonely.. felt rejected..i dunno i was in a weird mindset.. decided to take a walk and saw my guy friend we'll call him "black pua"..cause that's what he is and his friend the guy from the beach bar.. whom i ignored because i felt like he brushed me off... anyway black pua introduced me to his other friend Jayson ... Jayson body like an Adonis strawberry blond hair soft blue eyes that stripped you naked and fucked you good and hard in 2 seconds, he was very friendly. so anyway told my buddy black pua i was at work .. and would be getting off at midnight .. and he was like oh ok were gonna be at the club so i said sure no problem... flashed a big smile and said see y'all after 12. Midnight took forever to come .. Denise a lady from work talked my head off about the way Jeff acting was indicative of him cheating and wanting the relationship to end... Anyway ... so midnight hits i go get my sis from work .. go home change, got all perfumed up "sexual secret" to get me in the mood ... and went to the club.  walked in the door & saw my friend black pua, his friend Jayson, and his other friend "beach bar guy" whom i wasn't too pleased with but i sat next to him anyway & we made nice because he apologised that he didn't know who was calling his phone and he doesn't answer private calls.. plus i didn't give him my number. true .. but he didn't ask for it either .. anyway he has it now.. whatever .. we had drinks i had a massive red bull and vodka .. anyway the music wasn't the best so we called it a night and i asked beach bar guy to walk me to my car...we jumped in and he asked me where did i live on the island.. so i said right around the corner, I'll show you so i took him to see my cute little house.. and he started rubbing on my leg ... his hands were so rough they felt amazing through my jeans omg ... i soaked through my jeans... when we came to a stop sign he leaned over and kissed me ... I'm gonna die cause he is hands down the best kisser ever ! I ran my hands over his crotch thought OK hes average sized... but bigger than Jeff... so jackpot... needless to say i told him we needed to go somewhere so i don't crash the car because all of his touching and rubbing and feeling is driving me crazy... so i took him to the beach.. showed him my boobs which made him drool and kiss and lick and suck massage i totally enjoyed the attention... then i made him sit on a rock while i blew his mind with my awesome tongue skills.... when he pulled his cock out i had to blink a few times to make sure i wasn't drunk, or hallucinating. HIS WANG IS HUGE ! its 2.5 times bigger than Jeff's ... and thick like a can of air freshener with a smaller head than the base, thank goodness for that cause if not it would have been hard to get it all in... i deep throated him on the beach.. teased it licked it sucked it worshipped it and treated it like it was the best thing i ever ate. lol... it kinda was this week .. brought him to the edge a few times.. and kept saying to him i don't know how I'm gonna take all of him .. which made him get even harder.. it was like fucking cement that's how hard it was .. and he smelled so good ...he suggested we go back to the car to see if i wanted to try his huge Wang... i shyly said yes ... it was a tight fit, filled me right up to my cervix... i rode that cock like a pony, he gave and i took.. in the backseat of my car .. then he made me lay down on the seat while he fucked me like i owed him money, I CAME TWICE ... i almost cried ... i had never ever in my lifetime had an orgasm from just cock and pussy sex without the use of toys... it was amazing ... and he kept asking if i was alright how sweet .. i cant wait to fuck him again..

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  1. Lol Im loving this. Lord I need a man LOL. You never described this guy, is he cute? or is he part of the stereotype ugly dudes have the best dicks thong