Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the gym ...

Oh God !... now I have some hatian drug dealer (presumed) trying to be my friend... this dude always stares at me while I'm working out... gives me the creeps ... he comes up to me while im working quads and hamstrings and is like " I like your style, whats your name I don't see you out " to which i reply Passion, nice to meet you, and i dont go out....  really ?
Man what the fuck kind of vibes am i giving off ? I had my hoodie on, my headphones in and I was singing to myself in the corner ... what part of that says come bother me? ... I wish the sexy guy and his friends were at the gym .. that would keep them occupied instead of watching me... the last thing I need in mylife is more drama... why can't a legit business man who is also single and white hit on me ? I do not need criminals in my life.

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