Sunday, October 2, 2011

My pick up lines ...

Hi, i love your hair... one of these days I'd love to see it buried in my crotch. ( guy is bald with goatee )
How would your wife feel if she knew i undressed you with my eyes every day at the gym ?
I cant get enough of you grunting behind me.... while i work out my inner thighs.
While you were looking did you see my nipples harden ?
What's your name ?... so i can name my vibrator after you!

Passion Fruit...
I'm so very horny ...


  1. Damn baby, you can try those lines on me anytime...especially the first, because I'd love to bury my face on your (wet) crotch. LOL

  2. I love your lines, very sexy and original!
    Thanks for your peppy comment to my restart too, very welcome :-)
    Will try to write more...