Friday, September 30, 2011

Under the weather

Hi my little muffins,

I have the flu... though i had the energy for 2 days in a row to go to the gym only to ogle the hot guy... i didnt have the energy today... I felt like a truck ran over me at 3am ... when i woke myself up... then again at 4... when i finally realised my alarm would go off ... i turned it off so i could sleep ... i sleept like a baby till 9:39am ... felt good ...  but woke up with my abs hurting like a mofo ... this is day number 3 of fever so i might aswell go to the dr in the morning to have myself looked at.

anyway ... monday if im feeling better, i'll have to look forward to see the sexy guy in all of his hotness and perhaps i will have found my balls to ask him if i know him from porn, or if he is a male stripper. lol

at least i havent sneezed out my sense of humour...

Passion Fruit.

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