Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm going to have me some gelato !

I went to the gym today ... and locked my keys in the car ... still in the ignition. I must have been really distracted, anyway i called Jeff to ask him to look for the spare to bring and he automatically tells me i must call a locksmith and wait for them to come open the car for me  then i have to argue with him on the phone to get him to get off his ass to at least look again for the keys what he doesn't want to do but says he'll spend only two minutes of his precious time looking for them.... so i say fine and hang up.. 5 minutes later no call from Jeff so i call the locksmith and arrange for them to come... 15 minutes later he calls and says hell be by in half an hour to get me .. and i say but i already called the locksmiths he says call them and cancel ...  wow really dude ?  do i need yet another reason to break up with him ? who the fuck tells their girlfriend any of this ? i swear i cant do this relationship thing for very long ... is this what i have to look forward to if i ever said i would marry him ? FUCK THAT !... i really need to save up some more money to get myself a car.. cause i think its really the only reason i an still there with him.. because with him i have a car where i can get back and forth to work ... i was so angry this morning i was close to tears... and he got pissed off i didn't say thank you to him for opening the car .. and wanted to start another fight with me because i told him thank you after he asked so i told him not to ask next time. FUCK! i an just so irritated with him.

THIS IS BULLSHIT... i think i might have to start taking my own advice... people will only treat you as well as you let them treat you. i just need to get the fuck out of this relationship. This is so stupid.

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