Saturday, September 17, 2011

How i really feel ...

Im in a funky mood ... A few months ago I did something that was supposed to be a random act of kindness; I had discovered a stolen item, reported it & the rightfull owners got their item back. This item was worth over 100k. This week i got a letter in the mail thanking me for being such an honest person and a check for $200.  I know i am supposed to be grateful but i am thinking to myself ... Are you fucking kidding me ?
Jeff was like oh honey you dont seem very excited about your bit of mail , I played it off that i was really tired and my stomach was upset but  in my mind... I'm like what the fuck am i supposed to be excited about ? REALLY !? ...  goes to show that i should just let things be as they are and not interfere. I'm happy  they got their stuff back... but beyond that i dont give a flying fuck anymore... I now know its not worth the effort .

I feel pretty bad about feeling this way but i dont know whats gotten into me...

Fruit with no passion today...

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  1. Heya Jes, this is such an easy fix for us! Let's chat and make an arrangement that makes you more than happy - emotional support and taxes included =)