Wednesday, October 12, 2011

damn wagon ... bumpy rides...

So recently i tried to jump back on the sugar daddy wagon... its really disheartening to know that men are so shallow ... i really don't want to come off as a bitter bitch or anything but Guys COME ON! really ? why picture collect if you have no interest whatsoever ? the latest guy to do this is a financial consultant with a legit business... i put in my profile I AM NOT SKINNY i have big boobs and a big ass with a well defined waist ... these mother fuckers clearly think I'm some video vixen i guess and want to collect pics ... so as soon as i send my pics he disappears offline no contact no response nothing... like really wtf .. YOU SENT ME AN EMAIL FIRST !

to veer off topic i have met some really nice OLDER ( 50+) gentlemen on who are very nice but i don't know.. we'll see there is this one guy I'm chatting with who is really nice ... so much a boob man.. claims he has big hands but i hope he has a big wallet cause momma needs so new shoes & a car & to buy some property... etc

to skirt around looking for pics to send i think its time i create an online persona face book page where its there and i can have professional pics up there .. for the photo hoarders to ogle at.

A pic like this for them to ogle ...

 but its too bad men have become blinded by photo shopped pics and the such. cause i think I'm awesome, and so do the guys at my gym.... now if only i werent so shy to talk to the hot guy .  

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