Saturday, August 27, 2011

dreams .. weird stuff

I had a dream 2 days ago, i was kissing the hot guy from the gym... I don't even know this guy's name but he's in my dreams.

I dreamt about him again this morning; I was in a hot tub with a group of Asian young ladies one in particular had some kind of weird body piercing on her chest and i went to look at it, but found myself fascinated with her little brown nipple instead. the some elderly white lady tourist woman comes up to me asking me to adjust her strap so i assist her with it , and another lady asks me to give her a curly perm and my response to her is but you are in the damn hot tub .. how is that gonna work? So i leave the hot tub and run into SWAT and we get to talking and he's pulling me close about to kiss me and i realise i have chewing gum in my mouth.. and coconut ... for some weird reason my mouth feels weird and dry so i pull away from him and run to the bathroom and proceed to spit chewing gum and all kids of weird stuff out of my mouth and its like it never ends... i wake up chewing on my tongue.

Maybe i will have the courage to say hello to him on Monday ? who knows ...

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