Friday, November 11, 2011

Today's redeeming factor...

Sat on this week just to get my mind off Jeff and our break up, and I receive an email from a pot. I read his profile .. no pic ... but liked what I read, he is obviously well educated by his email. He actually read my profile, Thought I was gorgeous and is interested in coming down to meet me. We emailed back and forth all of yesterday, and the larger part of today. It was so nice to have a conversation that was intellectual peppered with flirtation, innuendo, economics and humour. He sent me a photo of him and my mind has been blown... this man is sexy, yes very sexy & is a good dresser.  Is this what i have been missing all this while ?

Yay ! the hopeless romantic in me is thinking this could be a great friendship if not more.

Passion fruit

Things are looking up & the universe is hearing me.

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